How To Boost Your Bottom Line

Maybe you’re not quite sure what is lacking? 

Many small business owners struggle when it comes to finding the time to figure out what barriers are keeping their company from growing to the next level. They can tell from their monthly P & L (or bank statement) how the business did but…

Have you ever wondered what factors are hindering your business growth? You know factors like SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing, or maybe Reputation Management are slowing growth but…

You’re not quite sure what is lacking! I can help! I have devised a simple process to take any business, identify the barriers to growth, and put them on a path to doubling their profits in 90 days or less. It may sound crazy but I’m serious about helping small businesses find the right solutions.

I am so tired of seeing business owners being sold products that don’t get results instead of being provided solutions that will get results… In most cases the products they were sold only served the needs of the person selling them… so I developed a simple process that identifies and removes the barriers to your growth. The first step is completing a Marketing Analysis. You can get your free analysis CLICK HERE!

Learning the process

Here’s how I learned the principles that can increase the profits of any healthy business. My first sales job was selling insurance to residents of small towns in rural Arkansas. I began honing a set of sales techniques and was effectively leveraging the sales principle that I could get what I wanted by effectively supplying people with what they wanted and became adept at showing people how life insurance could help them achieve what they wanted.

I spent the next decade-or-so in that industry working for a few different companies. Business was going well because I continually focused my attention on analyzing the sales process itself. In particular, I spent a lot of time discovering and implementing the methods that would be most effective in moving a potential client from being a stranger at first contact to becoming a client or customer who was engaged in doing business with me in an ongoing relationship.

What should I do?

II discovered a set of “best practices” — methods and techniques that enabled me to work smarter at every point of the marketing process. As a result, my business grew dramatically. I started my own agency and I began sharing my methods and procedures with agents who worked for me and with associates in the industry who were interested in increasing their bottom line, as well. Anyone who learned from me and actually incorporated my strategies were able to double their income in the first 90 days after implementation.

My sales plan was effective because it deliberately dealt with the essential stages for success in any sales process — a set of four insider strategies to help them lower their cost of doing business while sending exponential growth to their bottom line. Here are the strategies:

  1.   Finding potential Customers/Clients
  2.   Funneling them into a sales system
  3.   Closing the deal through a solution based process, and
  4.   Maintaining customer relationship

Growing your business can feel challenging! Call us crazy but… We believe growing your business should be easier and cost less! It all starts with a different philosophy… we offer solution based services instead of profit based services. We identify the problem with a Free Marketing Analysis then create and implement the right solution. To get started with your Free Marketing Analysis CLICK HERE! Or call (888-308-0408).

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– Michael

Michael Woodfield – strategist, entrepreneur, and Founder @DesignLoyal. I spend my days helping small business owners increase profits by implementing affordable marketing plans. I spend every other moment enjoying life with my beautiful wife Erin and together spending time with our family including my sons- Nathan who works with me, Byron, his wife Katie, and their two beautiful daughters Emilie and Adie who affectionately call us Popi and Noni.


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