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How to Choose Between DIY and DFY

Do It Yourself vs Done For You 

We have been reviewing the four strategies to follow in order to maximize successful marketing:

  1.   Finding Customers/Clients
  2.   Funneling them into a sales system
  3.   Closing the deal through email automation, and
  4.   Maintaining customer relationship

Once again, if you have the right product and access to the right market, then implementing these four steps in an effective manner will result in your doubling your sales in 60 days, or better. I’ve seen it happen on many occasions.

You now must choose between implementing the strategies as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Done-For-You (DFY) manner. Of course, the least expensive way to implement the four strategies is to put together the project yourself. As long as you understand how social media works, have the right software products to build the necessary pieces of infrastructure presentation and data management, the ability to create the design, brand your business effectively, and the time to make it all happen, just do it.

Choosing One

If you lack the resources or skills, it’s easy to research, get the resources and develop the skills. It takes a good amount of time to perfect the process but once you have, you can then master the four strategies, be able to tweak the system, keep it updated, and immediately respond to any problems or error-conditions that might arise.

However, you have to accept the fact that, unless you are already an accomplished professional, DIY will take you much longer than if you hire a professional. The primary question in choosing DIY is: Do you have the desire, abilities, and time to carry out the project?

Ask Yourself Theses Questions

  • Do you enjoy spending hours learning how online systems and software products work?
  • Are you confident your results will be as efficient and effective as if you had turned the job over to a professional?
  • During the months you spend ramping up your skills you won’t see any increased sales from the system. Can you afford to spend a few months ramping up?

If your answer to all three questions with a “Yes!” then for sure the DIY approach could be the one for you.

Leaving all of that aside, the greatest reason for choosing the Done-For-You approach is that it is, by far, the easiest and most efficient route to go. If your time is worth anything, DFY is also the least expensive route because it saves you all the time you will otherwise spend 

“reinventing the wheel” — spending hours and days learning techniques qualified professionals learned long before and making mistakes they know to avoid.

Think about it. It’s important to get this right!

What has been your experience with DIY and DFY? Did I get something wrong? Do you have any thoughts about the subject?

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– Michael

Michael Woodfield – strategist, entrepreneur, and Founder @DesignLoyal. I spend my days helping small business owners increase profits by implementing affordable marketing plans. I spend every other moment enjoying life with my beautiful wife Erin and together spending time with our family including my sons- Nathan who works with me, Byron, his wife Katie, and their two beautiful daughters Emilie and Adie who affectionately call us Popi and Noni.


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