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Step Three: How to Close the Deal Through Email Automation

Why Email Automation 

No matter how effective I was with the first two steps, nothing happened until I was able to grab their interest, convert them into a prospective client, and actually sign the contract and write a check.

To be clear, in my opinion, hard-sell techniques are both rude and ultimately self-defeating, so I learned to close the deal by seeking first to understand the potential client’s situation and then having an obvious intention to provide a product or service that would make the potential customer’s life better, happier, and more secure.

How Does it Work?

Social media tools and resources are used to simplify and empower the challenge to channel the additional seconds of attention secured from users through the tripwire or lead magnet into a genuine interest in the product or service being offered.

It’s important that the customer/client is able to purchase the product or enlist in the service with a minimum of click-throughs and complicated instructions. Any confusion or unnecessary complication at this point might make the potential user or buyer think your solution may not be simple or make their life easier.

What should I do?

Test your interface. Put yourself in the position of a customer/client and see how easy it is to do business with yourself. Solicit your friends’ help in reviewing your processes and moving through the steps and then reporting their experience to you. In development and design we call this UI/UX. If you have time, sit beside your friends as work their way through your sales process. Keep your mouth shut; don’t give them any helpful hints, directions, or explanations. Just sit quietly and see how the procedure works.

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– Michael

Michael Woodfield – strategist, entrepreneur, and Founder @DesignLoyal. I spend my days helping small business owners increase profits by implementing affordable marketing plans. I spend every other moment enjoying life with my beautiful wife Erin and together spending time with our family including my sons- Nathan who works with me, Byron, his wife Katie, and their two beautiful daughters Emilie and Adie who affectionately call us Popi and Noni.


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