Is Google Publicly Shaming Your Business

Google wants to publicaly shame me?

Yes, you read that correctly Google released a new version of Chrome in the Summer of 2018 that started the shaming and they released another version in the Fall of 2018 that further increased the shaming…

What do I mean?

An unsecured website without SSL can mean huge problems for both the owners and the users. Starting  with the release of Chrome 68, Google started taking serious measures to show its users, which websites have no data encryption. 

Back in the Spring of 2017, Google introduced the Chrome 62 browser and a system to help users see which websites were not encrypting user data that was received.

Once a visitor started typing some sort of information into a website, a “Not Secure” notice would appear in the address bar, letting the user know about the status of the website.

With Chrome 68 – launch in July 2018 – the “Not Secure” notice is there from the start – without typing in any user data. (see image above) 

Then in the fall of 2018 with the launch of Chrome 70, Google went even further, flagging sites that have old or outdated certificates. 

What does this mean?

Once a visitor lands on a website and they see a huge “Not Secure” notice in the address bar the chances of them leaving the site increase by as much as 60%. So having an SSL installed to provide a Secure Lock is not only important it actually saves you from lost revenue. 

Back in the Summer of 2018 prior to this industry change Google spent over a year notifying anyone who works in the industry of the new requirements. Sadly many Marketing Agencies and Small Businesses ignored the warnings or were misinformed. 

A simple way to tell if you have an issue… just look in the browser (see image example in this post). If it says “Not Secure” fix it. If you have a site that’s managed by your Marketing Agency and their site says “Not Secure”, I’m thinking you should drop them, they’re not keeping up with basic industry standards and they are costing you money! 

What should I do?

If you want to secure your website with an SSL, here are a few ways to go about it.


  • Get a FREE SSL certificate installed no charge… DesignLoyal proudly uses “Let’s Encrypt” on all our hosted partner projects and we install them at no charge, we believe good service and increased value should come at no extra cost!
  • Purchase an SSL. They can cost anywhere from $50-$200 to purchase and install. While you can purchase and install them yourself, having a qualified person do it for you is the best way to ensure it’s done quickly and correct the first time.

Bottom line, make sure your visitors don’t land on your website and see a huge “Not Secure” notice in the address bar! You will lose them!

I’m not trying to toot our own horn here but… Situations like this are why it’s important to have a partner in Online Marketing like DesignLoyal, we make every attempt to keep up with changes in the industry and ensure our customers don’t fall behind or lose customers due to industry changes.

To state it simple… We understand relationships are built on trust and our goal is to to build trust and long term relationships. We want our customers to know, we have got their back! 

Growing your business can feel challenging! Call us crazy but… We believe growing your business should be easier and cost less! It all starts with a different philosophy… we offer solution based services instead of profit based services. We identify the problem with a Free Marketing Analysis then create and implement the right solution. To get started with your Free Marketing Analysis CLICK HERE! Or call (888-308-0408).

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– Michael

Michael Woodfield – strategist, entrepreneur, and Founder @DesignLoyal. I spend my days helping small business owners increase profits by implementing affordable marketing plans. I spend every other moment enjoying life with my beautiful wife Erin and together spending time with our family including my sons- Nathan who works with me, Byron, his wife Katie, and their two beautiful daughters Emilie and Adie who affectionately call us Popi and Noni.


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