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Step Four: How to Maintain Relationships with Customers

Retaining Connections  

During my early career selling insurance I steadily increased my income by retaining connections with my growing base of customers, encouraging them to regard me as their go-to person for any future needs they might have for my services and to refer me to any friends or relatives who might consider purchasing life insurance.

Because everything was manual in those days, I was able to manage direct personal connections with a limited number of happy customers.

However, social media tools now make it so much easier to have a hands-free automated contact with an unlimited number of customers, keeping my services fresh in their minds while maintaining 2-way communication links through which they can contact me whenever they need anything.


You can maximize customer loyalty and repeat business by simply reminding customers/clients of your presence. “Drop in on them” once in a while with some news about their industry. When appropriate, offer a sale or discount on your products/services. Offer rewards for referrals.

Put yourself in their shoes. What would you like hearing about if you were one of your customers/clients.  

A number of internet automation tools are available to reduce the effort for converting new leads into satisfied customers, The tools eliminate the need for dedicating resources for customer-retention by automating the after-sale follow up process.

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