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Strategic Growth Planning – 3 Quick Tips

Who’s planning for strategic growth opportunities in their business? Who’s interested in guarding against missed opportunities and lost revenue? Check out these 3 quick tips to help with your strategic planning!

1. Planning for future trends and growth
– This can prove to be a difficult tool to get a grasp on because if you don’t keep a close watch you can spend money on options or ideas that don’t make money. At the same time if you don’t plan for future market trends or growth then you can spend all your time trying to keep up with the industry.

2. Including all vendors affected by change
-With rapid changes in technology and so many pieces of our business being interconnected with other parts of our process, this is a HUGE game changer that often goes overlooked until it’s costing us money. Why is it overlooked? Well, it can seem a bit counterproductive to contact everyone because it actually slows the process on the front end.

3. Simplify your GTD tools
-Fast industry changes can often force us to find new solutions and before we know it our tools for “Getting Things Done” can become outdated, creating boundaries to a seamless process. Finding the right combination of GTD tools and a process that keeps things on track can save you countless hours and reveal opportunities for dollars earned.

Best practices – time spent with the right strategist can save time, money, and headaches on the backend and reveal opportunities for dollars earned on the front end of growth strategies.

Growing your business can feel challenging! Call us crazy but… We believe growing your business should be easier and cost less! It all starts with a different philosophy… we offer solution based services instead of profit based services. We identify the problem with a Free Marketing Analysis then create and implement the right solution. To get started with your Free Marketing Analysis CLICK HERE! Or call (888-308-0408).

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– Michael

Michael Woodfield – strategist, entrepreneur, and Founder @DesignLoyal. I spend my days helping small business owners increase profits by implementing affordable marketing plans. I spend every other moment enjoying life with my beautiful wife Erin and together spending time with our family including my sons- Nathan who works with me, Byron, his wife Katie, and their two beautiful daughters Emilie and Adie who affectionately call us Popi and Noni.


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